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Ten Things You Can Do Today for Democracy in Venezuela

Suggested by Francisco Toro

Foreign readers often write in to say they wish there was more they could do about the situation in Venezuela. Here are ten things you could do today to make a difference:

1. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper decrying its lack of Venezuela coverage and explaining briefly what is at stake with the Recall Referendum.

2. Bring up the Venezuelan crisis in casual conversation to 3 people who you wouldn't normally talk about it with. Point them to independent sources of information like VenezuelaToday.net, Devil's Excrement, Vcrisis.com, Caracas Chronicles and Venezuela News and Views.

3. Write a letter to your President/Prime Minister expressing your concern with the human rights and democracy situation in Venezuela and urge him to back the OAS/Carter Center mission.

4. Explain the way Chavez has embraced and praised Robert Mugabe and Fidel Castro, and point out that he is now copying some of their tactics (arrest-torture-and-release, purge-and-pack-the-courts, bait-the-US.)

5. Look for an internet chat-room where Venezuela is being discussed. Put in your two cents and guide other readers to independent sources of news and analysis about Venezuela.

6. Get into an argument with a philochavista in your neighborhood. Listen respectfully, and argue back in a calm and reasonable way. If you find yourself getting angry, excuse yourself, walk outside, count to twenty and return.

7. Learn the stories and memorize the names of two or three torture or murder victims. Use those specific names in your letters and arguments.

8. Write to Amesty International, Human Rights Watch, Reporters without Borders, or ISHR, to congratulate them for staying on top of the Human Rights situation in Venezuela and to ask them to keep up the pressure.

9. Write to political parties in Venezuela and insist that all anti-Chavez protests be kept peaceful, explaining the damage the opposition does to its international position when it embraces even minor violence.

10. Email this list to every contact in your address book you think might be interested in helping out.

Open letter to the BBC

Open letter to the Programe Complaint Unit

Por favor impriman estas carta (formato pdf) y envienlas a la siguiente direccion en Inglaterra:

Head of Programme Complaints
BBC Broadcasting House,
London W1A 1AA

Cartas a editores con respecto al documental "The revolution will not be televised"

La BBC volvio nuevamente a transmitir el documental de los irlandeses sobre los sucesos de Abril 2002. Es importante que todos los que hayan visto el documental y difieran de su contenido parcializado y favorable a Hugo Chavez escriban cartas a los editores de periodicos y canales de television del Reino Unido expresando total repudio por tan cruel tergiversacion de hechos en los que 19 venezolanos fueron asesinados. He aqui algunas direcciones electronicas de interes:

Lo que hace a la BBC particularmente detestable no es solamente el hecho de haber transmitido por segunda vez el programa sino que ademas co-produjeron el documental.

Asi mismo comentarios al respecto pueden ser enviados directamente a la BBC utilizando el siguiente link;

Peticion a Amnistia Internacional

Habida cuenta de la falta de diligencia que el Equipo de Investigación sobre Venezuela de Amnistia Internacional ha demostrado hasta los momentos en relacion a casos de extrema gravedad, como lo son la demanda interpuesta por Hugo Chavez en contra de los familiares y victimas sobrevivientes de la masacre del 11 de Abril por traicion a la patria (que de ser exitosa podria enviarlos a prision por hasta 30 años) y las expulsiones violentas de familias ocurridas en los Semerucos y otros campos petroleros, les pido que se tomen unos minutos de su tiempo y envien un correo electronico a las direcciones que aparecen al final de este mensaje, solicitando celeridad y firmeza en la denuncia de estas graves violaciones a los derechos humanos.

Los mensajes pueden ser escritos en castellano o en ingles.

Venezuela Research Team/Equipo de Investigación sobre Venezuela
Amnesty International



Request for Urgent Action to Amnesty International

Sadly Amnesty International's stance towards the Venezuelan crisis has been lenient. The response from the Venezuelan Team regarding Muhammad Merhi's case and the latest legal accusation for treason that president Chavez in person ordered against the victims and relatives of the massacre of April 2002 has failed to materialise.

It is also appalling the lack of diligence in bringing attention towards the inhumane abuses committed on families and specially on children in Los Semerucos and some other oil camps in Venezuela.

Quite obviously someone is not doing its job in proper fashion. I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate my offering to volunteer should you need any help vis-a-vis the Venezuelan situation.




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